New Shoots students dive into each other’s work at the 2018 Anthology Launch

The New Shoots program kicks off every fall by recruiting mentors from the School of Creative Writing’s Master of Fine Arts Program at the University of British Columbia. Mentors are paired with one of 15 classrooms across the Vancouver School Board.

Mentors work with their students to select genres of interest for everyone. These can include spoken word, playwriting, memoir, flash fiction, poetry and many more. Mentors spend eight hours in their classrooms over the school year, developing creative writing projects with their students. Students can submit their writing to the anthology published every spring and launched at a public reading where students, mentors, teachers and family come together to celebrate the work produced over the last year.

To see a current list of schools, click “Schools” in the tab above.

If you are a teacher from the Vancouver School Board or an MFA student from UBC interested in joining the program, please contact the New Shoots coordinator at crwr.newshoots@ubc.ca.