For more than 30 years, New Shoots has been publishing student work in an annual anthology. Handpicked by editors who are also New Shoots mentors, the anthology has served as a launching pad for young aspiring writers, some of whom are now critically-acclaimed professional writers such as, Kevin Chong, Evelyn Lau, and Wayde Compton.

These anthologies are published towards the end of the school year, and are launched in a public event featuring professional writers and the students’ friends and families. This book launch also celebrates the hard work and dedication of our mentors, students, and teachers.

Perusing previous volumes of the anthology will show you the topics that are most important to the young writers who were still finding their voice: love, identity, the future, the environment, among other things. You will also find that their works respond to the current events of the time, turning the anthologies into time capsules that reflect these young writers’ thoughts, concerns, and ideas.

These writings show you how much the world has changed, and how some of their concerns have stayed the same. Please click on the thumbnail covers to learn more about the anthology installments. We have also included some of the pieces published in New Shoots over the past three decades.



Desert Storm by Angela (Published in New Shoots 7)

Untitled by Tommy (Published in New Shoots 5)

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Afghanistan 1994 by Nuria (Published in New Shoots 13)

The Bus Ride by Sadie (Published in New Shoots 16)

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Iceland by Ehsa (Published in New Shoots 21)

Dentophobia by Chelsea (Published in New Shoots 28)

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