New Shoots 2

2The second installment of the anthology makes strong yet subtle references to political events and cultural and social change in society. This is powerfully pointed out in the poem “I Think Therefore I am,” where the speaker asks: “Every generation has a way to escape and / react to the events changing the world daily. / Our society changes, and we change along with it. / But are we acting or reacting?”

The writers also take us to places that are both real and imagined – Vancouver’s Alma Street in “Dear Diary,” and the fictional city of Gonail in the fantastical story “Yrotarobal.” Other works include, “Juma, Maasai Warrior,” featuring a protagonist who connects with his cultural identity even when his family insists that they were “not Kenyan but Canadian.” “My Little Clock” is a poem that showcases the speaker’s envy towards their unshakeable clock.