Not Another Word by Punit Dhaliwal

suzy kim for not another word
Illustration by Suzy Kim

Do you hear the echo of your words as they bounce around inside his broken mind? Do you look into his blank eyes as he ponders his his murderous thoughts? Do you see him smile as he savours his secret? What do you think when he twists your words into a justification for muder of another kind?

Do you feel the pain of his victims? Do you mourn when their families bury them? Do you sense their loneliness as they return to empty homes and shattered lives? Can you feel the shame of his family, as they struggle to make sense of his violence? Does your heart sink beneath the weight of you angry, hateful words?

Can you weep for them? Can you weep for their lost lives?
And if their spirits come to you and listen, what will you tell them?
Will you tell them you are sorry?

Will you promise to console their grieving families?
Will you promise to love their orphaned children?
Will you promise to visit them in prison?
Will you promise to put flowers on their graves?

Hush now. No more shouting. Not another word.