Media + Events


New Shoots’ has been featured on radio, in magazines, and at festivals across Vancouver including:

The Vancouver Writers Festival: October 23, 2016

New Shoots writers from the past and present took to the stage to read their work and discuss finding a creative outlet early in life. Vancouver high school teacher and poet Jeff Steudel joined current New Shoots students, mentors and alumnae, including writers Kevin Chong and Evelyn Lau.

Roundhouse Radio: Minelle Matani’s Sense of Place, Monday, October 17th, 2016

An interview with host Minelle Matani, New Shoots coordinator Laura Trethewey, and former New Shoots student Evelyn Lau.

CBC: Early Edition with Rick Cluff, June 12th 2015

An interview with host Rick Cluff and mentor Adrick Brock about New Shoots’ 30th Anniversary.

Sad Mag:June, 15th 2016

An Interview with New Shoots mentor Curtis LeBlanc and student Kate Fry .

An Excerpt:

Sad Magazine: What does writing mean to you?

Curtis LeBlanc: Writing is something I’ve wanted to do on some level since I was about fourteen. Right now, it’s one of few things I find completely fulfilling. To me, there’s nothing better than finishing a poem or a story or a song and feeling that you’ve really said what you meant to say, and you’ve said it in such a way that’s going to surprise people and speak to them. It’s a feeling I felt a lot growing up listening to music and reading and it’s one I’ve always wanted to replicate in others.

Kate Fry: It’s not unlike any other art form, it’s simply a means of expression.