Register Now for 2021 Online Workshops!

We’re thrilled to announce that the 2021 New Shoots creative writing workshops are ready to use in your classrooms/distribute to students!

Due to the pandemic, our writer mentors had to move their workshops online, so we built an intuitive, interactive, private forum. Just register, select one (or several) of the genre-specific workshops, and explore the sessions in order. This year’s workshops are:

Poetry – WRDPNTRS: Looking at Art, Looking Back with Words
Fiction – IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS: Characters, Narrators, Dialogue, and Revision
Lyrics – SEED TO SONG: From Musicals to Rap to Punk
Script-Writing – SCRIPTREMIX: A Journey Across Genres and Forms

To participate, you and your students register for the secure New Shoots site:

You’ll be asked for a registration key.
E-mail and we’ll send it to you ASAP.

All of the workshops are packed with fun videos, links, readings, additional resources, and hands-on writing exercises. They’re designed to be integrated into writing/media studies curricula and clubs (like other years), but can also be pursued independently by VSB teens who love to write while they’re stuck inside.

We would appreciate knowing how you intend to use the workshops. We’re also happy to provide support as you work through the sessions.