Training Symposium: Session One

The Mentor Training Symposium is composed of three, 2-3 hour sessions where Mentors learn about teaching techniques that will enhance their skills as New Shoots Mentors.  This year, the Symposium will be delivered by John Mavin, UBC Creative Writing Program alumnus and expert in the field of instructor training.  Event details are:

Date: October 17th, 2011
Time: 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Location: Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, room 158
Participants: New Shoots Mentors

Session Description:

Our first three-hour session will focus on developing your presentation and feedback skills to enhance your teaching practice.  Not only will we look at the five elements of a well-structured presentation, we’ll also explore body language and presentation software so you can keep your message clear and deliver what you want to say with confidence, all the while knowing your audience will be informed, entertained, and focused entirely on you.  We’ll also explore the three types of written feedback and give you the tools you’ll need to assess that feedback for its effectiveness.  Please, come prepared for an interactive and lively peer-based session.

Instructor Bio:

John Mavin has taught creative writing at UBC, SFU, Capilano University, with New Shoots, and at the Learning Exchange in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.  He’s a graduate of SFU’s The Writer’s Studio and also holds an MFA in Creative Writing from UBC.  His short fiction has been published internationally (and included in the University of Toronto curriculum), his plays have been produced locally, and he’s a past nominee for both the Prix Aurora Award and the UBC Graduate TA Teaching Award.

Mavin is also a Graduate Student Facilitator with the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, where he’s run Instructional Skills Workshops and Presentation Skills Workshops since 2008.  He’s developed educational workshops on topics ranging from Engaging Presentations, Learning Styles, Leading Discussions, Group Dynamics, to Lesson Planning.

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